New Business Marketing
education community momentum accountability
with Marketing Mastery Modules

New Business Marketing
education community momentum accountability
with Marketing Mastery Courses

Let Psyche Digital empower your DIY branding, website, and marketing with 4-week pro modules, specially designed for early-stage startups and new businesses.

expert Guidance, Powerful Outcomes

Marketing Mastery modules are designed to provide you with the proven framework used by Psyche Digital in their specialty services to create meaningful marketing results for your startup or new business.

Our three-stage model ensures that you are confident in your brand, that your website works for you as hard as any member of your team, and that your marketing tactics are honed in to address your ideal client and flexible to meet market changes.

Every Module Includes:


The blueprints WE USE to execute complex marketing projects like brand creation, website design, and marketing strategy.


Review of marketing tools to help you achieve your vision and desired outcome, with access to our team for potential training.


Weekly small-group mentoring “Office Hours” with Psyche Digital specialists to execute on the weekly workbook activities.


Put your head together with other entrepreneurs at similar stages in our Marketing Mastery community.

Module 1: Creating Your Magnetic Brand Identity

Hone a clear visual look to your brand that your target audience can connect with, trust, and easily identify.

Start Date: February 20, 2024

Take a deep dive into your brand identity and key marketing messaging. Discover your “why,” and the intersection between your purpose and your audience’s needs, all while differentiating you from the competition. Mastering your branding enables you to excel in the other arenas of your website and marketing success.

In this module, tackle the following core topics:


Week 1: The Big "Who?" –– Knowing your Audience and Mapping your Path to Them

  • Understand who you are trying to talk to 
  • Outline how to reach your target audience
  • Map out your niche market to create messaging that resonates
  • Identify important key words, phrases, and hooks to weave into your brand story

Week 2: Pro Brand Messaging

  • Refining your elevator pitch or short business description
  • Build a toolbox of messages that you can use to reach your audience
  • Understand how to craft meaningful messages that convert

Week 3: Visual Branding

  • Create or refine your memorable logo
  • Identify your brand colors and understand how those colors communicate your value to your audience
  • Select fonts that visually tell your story
  • Imagery curation and best practices

Week 4: Creating Brand Awareness

  • Create and implement a consistent brand across your ecosystem
  • Create a compelling brand identity across social, website, and print
  • Use your branding to create memorable moments and communicate value with your audience


Design your website to generate business, establish authority, and grow with you.

Start Date: March 26, 2024

A quality website experience can make or break a deal with your ideal client. Understand your visitor’s journey from first click to conversion, and how to ensure their virtual experience provides answers to the questions they didn’t even know they had about your offering. Learn the ins-and-outs of what makes an easy-to-update, secure, and profitable website.

In this module, tackle the following core topics:


Week 1: Anatomy of a Website

  • Understand specific parts of a website and why they are important (domain, host, CMS/web builder, etc.)
  • How to understand and stand out from your competition in your website (and beyond)
  • Website Design & Navigation for optimal conversion

Week 2: Mapping out your homepage and beyond

  • Understand professional design elements that will make your website stand out and give your customer a clear journey to working with you.
  • Website design methodology and tricks of the trade
  • Create your site structure with confidence, and build a bulletproof plan to execute the full design and launch

Week 3: Creating your High Powered Funnel

  • How to design content that gets your customers coming back for more.
  • How to create unique, high-value lead magnets
  • Trigger setup, data, and tracking

Week 4: Generating the RIGHT Traffic – SEO, Ads, and More.

  • Understand how SEO works and how to start using it to your advantage
  • Converting your Social Media efforts to Website traffic
  • Using Analytics to hone your website expansion and future development.


Assess your target market and determine your winning strategy to reach them.

Start Date: April 30, 2024

Your marketing is a continuous conversation with your target audience, and starts with understanding your ideal client inside and out. Receive proven blueprints to mapping out your ideal client and where they get their information, and follow that up with expert guidance on what tactics will take your business to the next level.

In this module, tackle the following core topics:


Week 1: Market Research & Channel Selection

  • Develop a Market Map that will guide you on your signature marketing strategy
  • Understand your client journey & why this is key to your marketing strategy
  • Determine the tactics that could provide the greatest results for you

Week 2: Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media Strategy development guidance
  • Develop your editorial calendar so you don’t have to ‘always’ be posting, and set yourself up for consistency without the grind
  • The difference between Organic and Paid social media marketing
  • Marketing without social media: What to know when it’s not the right path

Week 3: Content Marketing & SEO

  • Demystify SEO techniques and strategy, to help you succeed on a budget
  • Tools outline and comparison
  • The core needs of a successful Blog or Article for SEO-optimization
  • AI copywriting best practices

Week 4: The Power of Analytics – Tracking Success

  • Understand “Marketing Return on Investment” and how to track it
  • Learn and implement systems to track the success and areas of improvement for your marketing strategy
  • Anticipate where conversion tracking makes the greatest impact

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