Branding vs. Marketing – What’s the difference?

Jun 28, 2021

At Psyche Digital we offer both Marketing and Branding services, but oftentimes it’s hard to explain where one ends and the other begins. So buckle up folks, here is a quick guide to help untangle the difference in branding and marketing. 

Branding – Answering the deep questions

“Products are made in a factory, but brands are created in the mind.”
— Walter Landor

We are going to start with branding because in many ways, branding is a much broader topic than marketing. Oftentimes when we ask clients what a brand is, they say it’s the logo, website, colors, or imagery a company uses. While these are tools that we use to communicate a brand’s values, they are not in themselves a brand. 

A brand is the reputation and emotional resonance created by a business. 

Let’s unpack this. Why do you prefer Nike running shoes to Adidas, or vice versa?  In essence they are the same product. But when you mention these two brands, almost every person you talk to will have a gut feeling about which they prefer before they ever look at the specific shoes. Why is that? 

This inherent preference for a business’s products is created by a company’s brand. This preference is created through branding which is the process through which a company communicates its story and values. This storytelling is communicated through things like a company’s logo, color choice, imagery, social media, website, and much more. To create a strong brand identity companies need to know who they are and what they value. 

Truly powerful brands make sure that their branding choices are aligned and strategically utilized across all internal and external channels. 

Marketing – The tactical application of a brand

“Master the topic, the message, and the delivery.”
— Steve Jobs, Co-Founder, Apple

If you have spent the time and energy to define your brand, then it’s time to bring that brand to the masses. The strategy and actions surrounding how you bring your brand to the market, and actually begin to attract people to buy your product, is marketing. 

Marketing is the tactical application of your brand storytelling that helps you find new customers. Marketing is a broad topic that can look like anything from email campaigns or social media to newspaper ads, or even a banner outside your store. 

Almost every business engages in some sort of marketing activity. A strong marketing strategy tells your company’s story in the way that your audience prefers. 

So that’s it. Marketing helps you find new customers and encourages them to buy. Branding creates that emotional connection which results in loyal customers and brand advocates. 

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