Buckets of Time Purchase Policy

Last updated: November 21, 2023

This Purchase Policy describes Our policies and procedures on the purchase of Buckets of Time, and is intended to protect both our organization and our clients during the service agreement.

Hour Usage

Guaranteed response time is determined by the Package selected as stated below. Hours that are not used within one year from the date the contract is signed do not expire but the guaranteed response time is no longer valid. Rollover hours will be scheduled for completion at Psyche Digital’s discretion. 


Payments can be made by auto-transfer or auto-billed via credit card (for monthly plans) at agreement acceptance. Upon hours expiring, Psyche Digital may or may not offer the opportunity to purchase additional hours. Receipts will be sent to the main client’s contact upon transaction completion or bank approval and clearing. Psyche Digital estimates and tracks all used hours and will report updates notifying of account balances upon request.

Invoices will be due upon receipt. If the Client requires services that are outside the scope of work as defined in this agreement, the Client agrees to pay Psyche Digital on a time and materials basis as outlined by a unique proposal or invoice that will be submitted for approval. We reserve the right to hold work or shut down services if payments are egregiously overdue.


  • Everything is billed in 15-minute increments
  • Payment made in advance
  • Fast and Rush upgrades have 4 hours spent per day limitation
  • All buckets have a validity period, once that period passed the hours left are lost
  • Bucket of Time will not cover SEO, PPC, travel, strategic consulting, 3rd party product purchases and/or software purchase of any kind. These packages are designed for hourly labor only.
  • Response time is defined as Psyche Digital’s attention and resources towards the issue, not completion of the specific issue. Psyche Digital will continue to allocate resources until the issue is resolved. Typical response time is within 1 business day, usually the same day.
  • We track meeting time and phone time, so please make sure to estimate the time you need properly based on your specific communication needs. Psyche Digital works on a Time & Material basis, any quotes and/or estimates will be subject to actual time spent and billed accordingly.
  • “Days” outlined above are standard Monday thru Friday business days, and excludes bank and company holidays.


PD Brand Asset Clients
If your website was created by Psyche Digital in 2021, 2022, or 2023, buckets of time can be purchased at the following price, with a validity of 12 months:

  • Buy one get one at $120

All Other Clients
If you were at one time or are currently a client of Psyche Digital, buckets of time can be purchased at the following price, with a validity of 12 months:

  • Buy one get one at $180

Delivery Timeframes

The timeframe of the service request for use of Bucket of Time hours can determine the time billed, depending on whether it is considered a Regular, Fast, or Rush request. The terms can be seen below:

Regular Delivery:
5-10 Business Days
No Upgrade
(1 hour spent = 1 hour charged)

3-5 Business Days
2-Time Upgrade
(1 hour spent = 2 hours charged)

2 Business Days
3-Time Upgrade
(1 hour spent = 3 hours charged)

Refund Policy

Psyche Digital allows for full refunds of Buckets of Time within 24 hours of purchase with no penalty.

If Buckets of Time are unused, and a refund is requested, Psyche Digital will gladly return 75% of the purchase cost.

If any time is used from your Bucket of Time, Psyche Digital is unable to provide a refund. However, we will allow the transfer of the remaining time to another client, to equal the hours remaining in your package.

Refunds will be issued to the card used if purchased electronically. If paid by invoice or wire transfer, the refund method can be discussed and agreed upon by both parties.


If you have any questions regarding this Buckets of Time Purchase Policy, You can contact us:

By email: [email protected]

By phone number: 970-403-5574